June 2011

I n a previous tutorial I showed how to use the illustrator blend tool to create arrays. In this tutorial you are shown in the first five minutes the power, purpose and point of the matrix and in the second half you are shown how to create one yourself in illustrator.


What are your favorite color combinations?

by gabemott on June 22, 2011 · 0 comments

Galactic: Purple and orange
Galactic: and pastel pinks and blues… and what ever colors the sky makes ♥
Daniel: Ocean blue and green
Nati: i’m wearing purple and violet now!!! love them!
Deb: Teal and magenta…mmmmm
Seeing Things: Color is Relative: pink and green anyone?Ian:Chocolate and peanut butter
Anndria: purple & green!!!!!
Seeing Things: Color is Relative happy colors! check out your collection just posted
Rose: mangenta and ultramarine


In this video, Richard “Dick” Nelson takes the time to explain one of the most commonly misunderstood art series of all time: Josef Albers “Homage to the Square”.