You will be transformed by color in relationship!

We are here to inspire, educate and beautify. In short, we evangelize color relationships. Something extraordinary happens when colors come together, when they relate to eachother. For better or worse, in harmony or ecstatic clash, colors in relationship are often misunderstood and more often under-leveraged. Get to know the power of color relationships.

Colors change dependent on their context. Or at least, our visual perception that generates color in our experience, sees color differently in different context. When we challenge and expand this process of visual perception, we improve it, and sometimes, we transform ourselves.

We seek to create that “pop” of recognition when a color reveals itself as more than it appears.

In the 1920’s, Josef Albers created a series of paintings homaging the square. In most cases, the colors were made from arrays made from two parent colors, thus creating halations.

In the 1950’s Dick Nelson went to Yale and took a course with Josef Albers. Fifty years later, after learning to work with and mix colors on a computer, he had an epiphany while flying from Maui to Oahu to create a matrix of color from four parents.

Inspired by the lessons, inspired by the colors themselves and inspired by the notion that color is relative, I took the matrix and made the background interactive.

The matrix inherently creates harmony because every color is aware of every other color in the matrix.

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  1. Gabe Mott,
    I ran across you web site today, and I am wondering why your posts stopped in 2012. Anyway, I am also color preoccupied, if not obsessed, and I thought having contact with another is OK.
    I am 69, and I started using light to display color effects in 1972 in San Francisco. I discovered LEDs in the mid 1990’s, and now I build ‘light paintings’ with color changes that employ a variety of color effects. I live in Baltimore, and I currently have an ‘intern’, a student from MICA who mostly observes what I do. I just sent her a link to the Colorbox – Haiku as it sounds like work she said she would like to do.
    Daniel Conrad

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