Vision Thru Color: Art Maui 2010

When a color is placed within its family, something happens.
It becomes aware of its surroundings.

A single swatch of color will sing as it seemingly takes on the colors of its parents.

The piece that I completed for Art Maui 2010 is entitled “Autumn Elation” (ryhmes with halation).  Each colored stripe is a single band of color. There are no gradients.

The appearance of a gradient on the bands is happening within our vision process as we (actively or passively) relate the color to the colors around it. This feels like radiance.

Like many artists on Maui, the course of my artwork was altered after taking Dick Nelson’s color course. As well, my life course was altered.  While we focused on developing our grammar of color, I had an epiphany.

My expanding sense of color opened a door of perception. Not only did my eyes become more sensitive to color relations but the world around me became more vivid, bright and alive.

When you look at this art and then realize how much of the radiance among the colors is happening in your eyes, the magic deepens and you see more color in your everyday world.

I believe this artwork might help you see better.
Gabriel Mott

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