What’s so important about color relationship! (and what’s the point of this website)

Halation is better than a Magic Trick. You explain a magic trick, it no longer works. However, with Halation and with much of the COLOR insight you can experience here (that may lead you to your color epiphany), the explanations only make it better- the explanation improves the experience.

It actually allows you to see more, deeper. Your new found distinctions within the subtle scale of color change will enhance your sense of color in general, everywhere. As you learn more, you see more.

The history of color is splattered with color legends both on the science end of things and often crossing over to the artistic. While not seeking complete coverage, we are more interested in coloring in the areas that may have been overlooked by many traditional color sites, or just areas that are particularly interesting.

My own roots of color knowledge come from Dick Nelson (the artist) and Margaret Livingstone (The Scientist). I had my own color epiphany after taking Dick’s color class up on the volcano. I would leave his class and the whole world would be vibrating. I became obsessed with color.

While traveling in Amsterdam, I found that Van Gogh was also pretty thrilled about his discoveries abot visual perception. On the way back to Maui, I was in New York City and came across this book by Margaret Livingstone. It proceeded to lay down a phenomenal amount of research on how the eyes see. Her work is referenced quite a bit in my videos and website.

Understanding how the eyes see encompasses more than just explaining optical illusions.

This is also about how to leverage these ideas to create beautiful artwork and see more color not just in artwork but in your life.

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