Tinting: Lightening a color by adding white.

Toning: Making a color more gray. This is most cleanly done (color theory wise) by adding the complementary color.
ex: Adding the complementary color moves a color towards gray, toning it.

Shading: Darkening a color by adding black.

Halation: The spontaneous spreading of color beyond it’s actual realm.

Color Matrix: A collection of color swatches each blended in perfect steps sourced from four original corner colors. Invented by Dick Nelson, the matrix contains colors that are all in harmony with eachother. They are all aware of eachother.

Phosphene : the phenomenon characterized by the experience of seeing light without light actually entering the eye

ex: in neuroscience: …they could cause him to perceive a bright, arc-shaped object, known as a phosphene, that extends into both his “blind” and intact visual fields.

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