Yellow to Blue Poles

How are the two images at left with the blue backgrounds similar or different? In both, the background matches the color of one of the 16 poles. They are both screenshots from Yellow to Blue Poles. When you click on a bar from the color array, the background of the web page will match the color of the bar you chose.

The two images are different because in the second the last two right poles appear. Whereas in the first, just the second to right pole appears.

If that’s confusing, just look at them closely. Once you see the difference between the two images, you’ve just worked your color muscles and you are about to see more.

The blue color is a mix of Cyan and Magenta. The blue and yellow that I chose are complementary colors.

My roommate Tessa asked me tonight, “Where is the green if it’s mixing blue and yellow?”

If we had been mixing Cyan and Yellow, we would have gotten Green. As it is, we are toning. As we move from parents who are complements, the children gray.

When you mouseover a yellow pole, the background turns yellow and all the poles which had seemed yellow before, now appear as if they are blue. The context of the page entirely affects our perception of the color of each pole.

Because we are using hexadecimal code to create the colors of the bars, 16 is a good number to create equal steps. Because its an even number, there is no perfect match of the yellow

create arrays in Adobe Illustrator When I made the ten poles and checked to see how the colors would appear on the web (primed for 256 colors) , the hexadecimal code was all mumbo jumbo.

I wanted clean language. I wanted a progression of color steps that matched on the web as I was seeing in Adobe Illustrator.

I made 16 poles, so that it matched the number of poles within the scheme of the binary color scheme. The progression is hexadecimal codes.

It’s beautiful how it counts down on the left four digits and counts up on the right two digits: #FFFF00, #EEEE11, #DDDD22, #CCCC33, #BBBB44, #AAAA55, #999966, #888877, #777788, #666699, #5555AA, #4444BB, #3333CC, #2222DD, #1111EE, #0000FF

If you click on one of the blue poles on the far right– say the third from the right, yellow suddenly seems to extend all the way across. And the same is true on the opposite side. If you choose the bar just two or three steps in from the left, from true blue, all of the bars to the left will appear yellow. And those to the right will appear blue.

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