The eyes have it.

Play may be the best way to bring more color to your life.

In the classroom with Dick Nelson, we played with color swatches for hours and when we’d leave the world was alive with color. But it’s not just enough to move color around, it’s got to be done with an objective in mind.

 Mantis Shrimp

 Mantis Shrimp

That’s why these are called games, while they could be called exercises or even animated optical art (my favorite). They incorporate optical illusions but they also

Color is Relative:
The flagship website. Thanks to you (and stumbleupon) this is the core traffic driver having received over 200,000 visits since it’s modest inception a year and half ago. The original idea was to take the Dick Nelson Matrix and make it interactive. This leveraged what was possible in the digital age with Albers concept of color field artwork. Then it became obvious that an even more simple example of poles would get traction, and it did, now this is the most popular page.

Same Same or Different:
Video for Same Same or DifferentDecide before you Smoosh! It is important that you commit whether the two swatches are the same color or whether they are different. Half the time the two swatches will be the same and the other half they will be different. But it happens at random and if you don’t commit (it helps to commit outloud) you don’t get the benefits (and you can’t keep score). There are a couple of tricks, you can sort of rewind to see again by SMOOSHing again and then mouseover the middle array (to the right of the SMOOSH button). This was all designed as mouseovers so it could be content for the color box.

Complementary Color Healing:
[requires java and is slow on Google Chrome]
Easily the most challenging of the bunch, we’re tackling two tough concepts at once– and keeping the whole thing in motion while you try to pin down values!!! What does that mean?!

Ok, first off, the concept of values: each color has a hue and a value- the value is the luminance, consider it a level of gray if a black and white photo was taken of it. If you can match two different hues of the same value, something magical occurs. This technique has been employed by artists since at least Monet’s Impression Sunrise.

Second, the make things even more challenging, the two colors (the one in the square and the one as the background) are animating through the full color spectrum and are always the complement of eachother. Boom! Yes, complements.

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