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This is your chance to have the one of kind screensaver that unleashes the timeless secrets of color relationship!

Fill the room with soothing colors as your computer screen changes slowly,  matching each individual swatch of the perfectly harmonized colors from the Color Is Relative Matrix. Each original color matrix is created from the latest advancements in color theory.

Fully animated, the color is relative Matrix screensaver is now available for the first time.

The background color rotates through each of the swatches creating soothing visual displays that creates the illusion of transparencies, films and veils. The visual affect is simple yet stunning.

Click play on the video at right to see a screenshot of the Color Matrix Screensaver. Watch the matrix start to glow as the background color changes. The matrix is made up of perfect blends of the four corner colors thus creating a harmony where every color is aware of every other color.

While the background is animated on it’s own, at any time, you can use the mouse to interact with the color. Simply move the mouse to a swatch of color and click. The background will immediately match the color you have chosen.

Over a year ago I launched the website Color Is Relative with the interactive color Matrix– within days the site had received 10000 visits.

The screensaver incorporates over a dozen different color matrices. You can have the animated matrix fill your screen with seemingly endless magical color combinations.

I’ve been creating these color matrices for over three years now and have worked tirelessly to come up with beautiful sets. These color palettes have been used in the creation of fine art available at Visie Door Kleur including artwork that has shown at renowned galleries such as The Hui No’eau Visual Arts Center and the Maui Arts And Cultural Center’s Shafer Gallery.

The color journey has led me to encounters with artists, and even musicians and healers. I’ve been told and found out myself that these color displays have potential benefits ranging from:

    enhanced color sense: you may experience improved vision- not necessarily better clarity (though that may follow) but a better color experience in your everyday life. The more you pay attention to the color matrix and the changing background, the more keen your perception of color become.
    improved mood: like watching fish, the animated color matrix draws you in with it’s simplicity and organic nature
    sharper mind: by paying attention to which swatch of color is matching the background, you are bridging aspects of your visual perceptive system, linking the apparent color to the actual color. You can slowly keep your eyes advancing along the color swatches as they change and the colors will seem to transform into gradients and transparencies.
    soothing ambiance: walking into a room where the color matrix screensaver is lighting the room is like stepping out of a claustrophobic party onto a peaceful beach in the moonlight

I invite you to purchase the new Color Is Relative screensaver. It is backed by a 60 day guarantee. At anytime if you are not fully satisfied with the screensaver you can return it for a complete refund.

The Color Matrix Screensaver 1.0 is available for $14.95.

It is available for both Mac and Windows PC and comes as a file that will automatically install in your screensaver utility.
Buy now and get access immediately to the download page and start enjoying your Color Matrix! Unleash the power of color relationships!

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