blend tool

I n a previous tutorial I showed how to use the illustrator blend tool to create arrays. In this tutorial you are shown in the first five minutes the power, purpose and point of the matrix and in the second half you are shown how to create one yourself in illustrator.


In this video, Richard “Dick” Nelson takes the time to explain one of the most commonly misunderstood art series of all time: Josef Albers “Homage to the Square”.


I tried to come by Cudra’s studio to show her how to make blends using Adobe Illustrator but didn’t have time. I thought others might benefit from this tutorial as well. Creating an Array is the start to creating artwork that leverages the beauty of halation. Arrays are simply blends of colors created in equal steps.

This tutorial shows you how to use the blend tool, the grid for clean placement, the selection tools, and finishes  with an example of simultaneous contrast.