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32 Poles

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by gabemott on October 1, 2009 · 0 comments

With 32 Poles, I was going for a much more subtle effect than in the 3 other pole pages. By using a blue and orange that are complements and are closer in value and as well using a greater number of poles, the steps are more subtle and the effect is more powerful. Almost the entire row of 31 poles will appear orange when the last pole is selected and matches the background. And vis versa, when the far left pole is selected, the rest of the poles look blue.

In addition, the grid on the far left allows you to see the poles against a stronger blue and stronger orange than the extreme left and right poles. It also allows you to clear your eye fatigue by opting for a clear white, black or neutral gray background.


Launch of Color is Relative

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by gabemott on July 16, 2008 · 0 comments

Color is Relative is a website dedicated to showing luminosity achieved through simple color combinations. On the site, the image at left is interactive. By moving the mouse over a single swatch the background color of the page will change to the same color. The effect is intended to show the impact of changing the context of color.

In the next month, I will be releasing my next series of paintings that will be based on the color theory I have learned from Dick Nelson.

You can also visit my color page on facebook. Seeing Things, Color is Relative.

The grid seems to change color as you move the mouse over each swatch. Take your time.

This is the alpha version, please let me know your reaction and make comments.


Anonymous said…

Shannon Del Vecchio said…
Wow, it’s fascinating how the center swatches don’t seem to match the background because of the other colors around them…

Anonymous said…
Love the color matrix page. Eager to see art work. Pook

Dana said…
wow!!! this is cool i wanna see some zen shiz on this site..u rock gabe

bp said…
Wow, that’s pretty amazing.

Anonymous said…
Gorgeous colors WOW!